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Signing Up

The first step to being involved is to sign up. All users will be assigned their real names as user names. Unless you are invited, you will have to wait for administrative approval of your membership. Due to the nature of this site, we simply cannot allow spam users.

Once you have signed up, you will be listed on the Community page. Your phone number will be shown there if you chose to give it. Logged in users will see a link to contact you through the site's contact system. Your e-mail will not be shared.

To add or modify any content, you will need to be signed up and logged in. There is a log-in link at the top of the page.


The first thing to do is check whether the project you're thinking of is listed. Some projects may be names on the timeline with very little info. Some may not be there yet.

If the project is in the system, please add to its content. There will be an edit tab under the project's title on the project's page, or you can use the edit project link at the bottom of its info bubble on the timeline. You will need to be logged in to see any of those edit links.

If the project is not in the system, click here to add a new one. (That link will only work if you are logged in, of course.)

Dates: We know that dates will be fuzzy for many, but do the best you can. Hopefully if your best guess isn't right, someone will fix it.

People Involved: Only persons who have joined this site will show in the list of names. To check to see if a person is part of the rob stuart (dot) net(work), click the Community link on the main menu bar. Please invite people who were involved and are not yet in the list. There is an Invite link on the edit screen as well as in #3 on the front page.

In the list of people involved, you can reorder the list of names by dragging the plus icons to the left of the name in the edit screen.

Pictures and Graphics: Upload any pictures or graphics associated with the project and a slideshow will be created for the sidebar of that project.


We would welcome remembrances of Rob. We've compiled a list of tributes online, but those may be transient, so we'd like to build a more permanent archive of memories on this site. If you're logged in, you'll see a link to add a tribute on the top of the Tributes page. The format is very simple, just a title and a body. We will be moderating these, just to be certain they are not spam. If you have a link you'd like to add to the list, just put the link in the tribute form, and we'll add it to the list of online tributes.


If you are logged in, you can comment on projects or tributes.


Any registered logged in user can invite other people to join the site. That makes it easier for a new user to get set up, since they won't have to wait for moderator approval. Please do encourage others to join.

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